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Welcome to Suyash Herbs Exports Pvt. Ltd.
We welcome you to a world of open minded, health oriented individuals. Suyash Herbs use its patented extraction method guarantees the highest quality of standardized Ayurvedic herbal products, including vitamins, minerals and enzymes available. Our Ayurvedic formulations are based on traditional combinations as well as those developed through twenty five years of clinical practice and contain herbs grown naturally in their pristine Himalayan habitat, without the use of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the largest Exporters and Manufacturers of Herbal Incense Sticks (Agarbatties) Essential Oils & their buy Products.
Since 19 years we had been catering to almost all Fragrances & Flavours, Essential Oils and Aromatic chemicals manufacturers and various other Industries in India & around the globe. And since the last 4 years we are supplying our own hand & machine crafted Herbal & Raw Batti to all the Agarbatti Manufacturers in India.

As per our company survey Incense Stick in Indian market we saw that any company would hardly supply the quality products at a reasonable price to customers. We after seeing the current scenarios have delight in informing you that after painstaking research & exhaustive laboratory test have developed a totally new type of combination of perfumed Incense Stick combining four types of base (Four type of different raw materials for making of battis) for the batties perfuming them into four of the hottest selling perfumes which is much cheaper than the ones available in the market.

And about our perfumes they are made from our pure expensive essential oils which we have processed in our factory & developed a very unique product, named 4 in 1 Incense Sticks contains four different kinds of aromas in one pack. After surveying in more than 500 hundred companies & research comparing their price, quantity, burning properties, aroma, weight, quality & packing etc and after 6 months of research we had launched this product.

Apart from this our Incense sticks have based on a very Unique & Extraordinary concept first time in India that is Aroma Therapy. Aroma Therapy is used to heal body, mind & soul. Its a latest concept in European & first time introduced in India. And brought to you through our company in a new way & in a new Product at a very reasonable price.
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